Ciao! My name
is msdvc
and i'm a
creative designer.

Branding, Full Stack Developing, Sound Design.
Try to share something beautiful in the world.

I was born in 1990 in a little town in north of Italy called Brescia. I live in Genoa. My office is among the mountains observing the sea. I love focaccia, i hate mostarda.

  • Best Sound Design Act for DDD 2016
  • +15 Design Awards
  • Masterclass with Grammy® winning producer/mixer Dave Darlington.
  • University professor Digital Art for L.A.B.A. Italy
  • University professor Sound Design for L.A.B.A. Italy
  • University professor Web Design for AreaDomani Italy
  • President and Founder Cockroach International Production
  • Radio speaker, DJ and Music Addict

— Right now, i work for 09 brands. Don’t worry about my black flag. Now i explain why i choose that for representing myself. The black flag was born many years ago, when some brave men sailed the oceans of the whole world free from the rules of the mainland. Black flag is the negation of the nation as a state of control and repression. The black flag is a symbol of the freedom and universality of the design world. If you need my cv or portfolio in pdf style send me an email.
Now i'm probably listening Reggae, Dub, Latin or Trip Hop music. Reading Typography book. Drinking a glass of Vermentino.

Where you can find me

45°31'32"52 N /
10°13'41"88 E

Brescia, Italy

44°25'19"92 N /
08°54'18"72 E

Genoa, Italy

21°30′S 165°30′E /
21.5°S 165.5°E

Were I want to be.

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